20KG French Workwear Mix

20KG French Workwear Mix

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20 KG - Vintage French Workwear mix.

Predominantly made of up of the classic blue French work / chore jackets. Iconic style from a mix of eras. Expect to find some matching work / chore trousers inside also. 

We pack these in 20KG boxes - mixing categories & brands all together. 

Grade: A

Brands: MIX 

Colours: BLUE (Mostly)

Eras: 1960s - 00s 

Gender: MIX 

Kids / Junior: NO

Origin: EUROPE


OUR PRICE: £15 + VAT per kg. 

TOTAL: £300 + VAT. 



B2B - this is a wholesale site, not a consumer site. 

MINIMUM PURCHASE - £200 + VAT. No shipping option will be available if you do not meet these criteria. 

CONDITION - vintage clothing is not new clothing. These items will not be in new condition unless otherwise stated. Our grading will allow for items within that grade. 

PICTURES - the items pictured are similar to the items you will receive - they are not the exact items.